who loves short shorts……

we luv short shorts. men that is. 90% of women, not so much. but, like it or not it’s short shorts season girlz. r u ready??? if not start lunging right now. lol. i personally love shorts. however, i am not a short shorts lover. never have been. i couldnt pull it off @ 20 & things certainly havent improved w age! but 4 those of u that can rock a super short pair of short shorts, more power 2 u girlz. if u got it flaunt it!!!

even 4 the lovers of short short season, it’s amazingly hard 2 find a pair of shorts that arent completely stupid looking??? i mean what is it w short designers? uuugggghhhhhhh. u have to scour through 100′s of pics of shorts 2 find a handful that dont make u look like u just brought a garanimals set. stab.

dont panic ladies. i am here 4 u! here r the best of the best shorts 4 showing off those sexy legs of yours. there’s something 4 everyone, i swear!

dare to go short. show off those sexy legs all summer long. your date book will fill up fast. b sure 2 keep us posted of your antics ♥♥♥

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